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Selling Commercial Debts or Disputes – Is it Possible?

Supposing you have a customer who potentially owes you £17,000 as a result of a transaction or service that has been supplied but is now in dispute or the customer has defaulted on.  As a business you have to make a decision as to whether you write off the debt as bad and difficult to obtain, proceed to recover the debt but take the risk that you will incur excessive legal costs and still not be able to obtain it, or get counter-sued if you sue the company in relation to the dispute.

Large multi-nationals can avoid all of this by simply selling their debts to third parties who then set up operations to cover as much of it as possible at a discounted rate.

Now small businesses can obtain similar service. will consider purchasing your commercial debt from you, providing you with money up front and doing all the work in relation to obtaining the cash owed from the debtor.  This gives you the peace of mind that you have had some cash from the debt and that the matter is being handled externally without any further involvement from you or your business.

The only requirements are that 1. Your case is sound (this will be verified by the legal department), 2. You co-operate fully with any legal proceedings that might occur.

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