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1 Star Google Reviews for Lawyers

Few examples of really bad 1 star reviews left for law firms by disgruntled clients! Here they are:

Top 10 1-Star Google Reviews for Law Firms

Unavailable Review

    • “Absolutely disappointed with the service. My solicitor was constantly unavailable, and when we did manage to connect, my concerns seemed to fall on deaf ears. Will not be recommending this firm to anyone.”

    High Bill Review

      • “Received a shockingly high bill with little to no itemization. Attempts to discuss the fees have been met with rudeness and evasion. It’s a pity; transparency was not their policy.”

      Unprofessional Review

        • “Extremely unprofessional behaviour witnessed. My solicitor was often late to meetings, unprepared, and seemed to juggle too many clients at once. Expected much better.”

        Communication Review

          • “Terrible communication. It took weeks to get any updates on my case, and when I finally did, the information was incorrect. Caused unnecessary stress and frustration.”

          Hidden Fee Review

            • “Be wary of their billing practices. Hidden fees were added without my consent or prior notice. The explanation provided was unsatisfactory.”

            Substitute Review

              • “Had a very poor experience where the solicitor handling my divorce case withdrew last minute, leaving me in a dire situation. The replacement they provided was clueless about the case history.”

              No Win No Fee Review

                • “Misleading and deceitful. Was promised a no win, no fee service, but ended up with a hefty bill despite my case being unsuccessful. Legal ombudsman is now involved.”

                Lack of Bedside Manners

                  • “The lack of empathy and support during a difficult time was startling. My concerns were minimized, and the advice given was often contradictory and confusing.”

                  Cancelled Appointment Review

                    • “Made an appointment, took an afternoon off work, and they cancelled 15 minutes before due to double booking. Completely unprofessional.”

                    Data Breach Review by Chloe M.

                    • “Do not trust this firm. They mishandled sensitive information which led to a breach of confidentiality. Extremely careless and not to be trusted with personal data.”

                      All very avoidable, but these are the most common complaints, other than where a client didnt get the outcome they were looking for. One way to avoid the unavailable complaint is to make sure you have locum solicitor cover, provided by a professional locum service.