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Why UK businesses should avoid BT Business Broadband

We have recently temporarily relocated premises and our servers have gone from a TalkTalk (former Nildram) broadband set up to a BT broadband set up.

BT broadband is all well and good when it works, but when it conks out the service is nothing short of horrific.

The reason we think businesses should avoid BT broadband is as follows:

If BT think we have sent too many emails in one go, they instantly block our servers, causing the server outgoing email to stack up and not be sent.

No message is sent, no warning signal given, nothing.

About 8 hours later we get a notification of delay coming through from our ISP for each email delayed, and we have to reset our servers to get them to work again.

This can be nothing short of a nightmare. To date we have missed a couple of deadlines for court matters, a vital sales lead, had complaints from customers where they have not had a response, and all the time we are oblivious of BT’s actions.

We are using a BT business broadband line, not a residential one, and you would have thought that BT would by now have realised that businesses send a lot of email.

So if you are thinking of getting BT business broadband, think very carefully. This type of action can cripple your business and cost you literally £000’s as we have found out to our cost.

This article is from If BT want to explain why their broadband does not allow businesses to send out emails in batches of around 100, and causes email servers to stick once BT have temporarily blocked the account, we will publish their response on this blog.