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What is the Best Content Management System (CMS)

A question you will often find on various forums is which Content Management System you should use on your website. There are a lot of them out there, and web designers will often swear by different ones according to their personal preference. However in terms of ease of use, gadgets and widgets available, SEO friendliness and general performance we recommend WordPress from is very happy to install this content management system onto any website for a very low fee and also to add any of the widgets or gadgets you may require to go with it. There are templates galore, some of them free, some of them paid for and so many add ons to make your website interactive, it is just phenomenal as to the work that has been done. 

The beauty of WordPress, like so many other things on the internet, is that it is free to use and a large number of the gadgets that you can install on your website are also free.  It can be quite difficult for someone without technical experience to actually set up WordPress or install it and that is why we operate a WordPess Installation service.

The only disadvantage of WordPress is the speed for websites to load up. It is not uncommon to have a speed of about five to six seconds for the home page to open, a problem you will experience even more so with the more numbers of gadgets that you put onto the site.  It is important to bear this in mind when making a decision as Google are threatening in future to include the speed of a website in terms of assessing its SEO and page ranking.

However the other features of WordPress out do the speed so significantly it is definitely worth considering this as your CMS (content management system).

The other Content Management System to consider is Joomla.  This is a service provided again by the Open Source community so it is free of charge with extremely powerful features included, particularly from the search engineer visibility perspective.  The main disadvantage of Joomla is the technical level of expertise required to set it up and it is considerably more expensive for someone to do this for you than it is to do a Word Press site. The other disadvantage for Joomla is that it was written and developed in Germany and so quite a lot of the instructions and details have a very German translated feel to them. For this reason we normally stick to Word Press unlike a client has a particularly technical requirement that necessitates Joomla.

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