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The end of the High Street Accountant?

For many years companies have been paying their local accountants a set fee every year to handle all their accounts administration, often not realising what exactly is involved in this service.

Very often the accountant will send out an occasional budget report or piece of advice on any change in tax law and hold a couple of annual meetings with their clients to go through the accounts and sign them off.

The internet is about to change all of that, in the same way that legal services have been revolutionised.  There is no reason to use a conventional accountant when there are low cost online accountancy services available like Due to the way that a lot of accountancy firms generate instant costs themselves by having a high street office and using traditional ways of working, including copious amounts of documentation and paper, it has been possible for BusinessBusStop to put together a package that will almost guarantee just about every business in the UK a 50-80% reduction in the cost of their accountancy fees.

When you sign up to our accountancy services you will receive a scanner together with software from us and all your paperwork will be scanned into the computer ready to be sent to our accountants.

The accountants can operate exactly the same services as your existing accountant and we will ensure that the software used by you is the same as our accountants which will mean that documents can be immediately scanned into your computer and sent through to the accountant and lodged on their systems ready for management accountancy and the End of Year Returns.

This service used to be available solely to multi-national PLCs who have been outsourcing their accounts departments for many years. The National Health Service has been using external contractors for a considerable length of time.

With you have the same opportunity.

For further information on the services to SME businesses offered by please visit or e-mail

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