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Outsourcing for Small and Medium Sized Companies

In the last 20 years we have seen a massive increase in the phenomenon of outsourcing, which is the idea of handing over as many procedures and back office administration activities as possible in order to save considerable sums of money. Whole districts in India have developed business parks based solely on the outsourcing from large Western companies and this has got increasingly popular as time goes on.  The advantages are obvious. Firstly every company saves on employee costs as the wages in other areas may be considerably less than the location the company is based in, and secondly outsourcing is usually done on a fixed price so that if there were any overruns in particular procedures or tasks the client does not bear the cost of them.

In 2008, 14 percent of the 200 companies surveyed went offshore; In 2009, that number had grown to 24 percent. From a news release on findings from the report: “The bulk of offshore outsourcing to date has been among large organizations, defined as those with more than $1 billion in annual revenue, according to the study. These organizations, however, showed almost no change in the overall percentage of organizations using offshore service providers. Among large organizations that outsource some work, about 46% are using offshore service providers this year compared to 48% the previous year.”

Outsourcing also has to be the right choice. In 2007, Norwich Union lost an estimated£10m by the poor use of Indian call centres, and a potential investigation by the FSA for the loss of personal data.

Outsourcing has been quite difficult for smaller companies to benefit from as the whole remit of outsourcing has been to focus on large multi-nationals who have many millions of small administrative procedures that need to be covered.

However, a new breed of outsourcing companies had emerged and one of these is  Business Bus Stop offers smaller to medium sized businesses the chance to benefit from the services corporations have previously enjoyed and to outsource procedures and tasks on a much smaller scale but at the same type of cost.  The average cost saving of using outsource companies is between 70% and 90%, depending on the procedure being outsourced. It is important to get the outsourcing right and not to hand over procedures that may not have actually been done in the office at all or on a much smaller scale. 

The easiest departments to outsource are IT, human resources and back office administration. 

Business Bus Stop can handle all of these and provide services as required in any area of the world 

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