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Letter before Action Template Download

Sometimes the thought of taking court action against a debtor is just too much to contemplate. First you have legal costs, secondly you have to navigate a complicated court system and thirdly if you do it yourself you have to deal with legal jargon you don’t really understand.

We have a solution that for just £1.99 could resolve the issue.

Business Bus Stop has developed a letter before action that you can immediately download for use in the County Court (particularly suitable for small claims) that may well get you the result you require without resorting to instructing a solicitor.

Sending a letter before action is a legal requirement – in a nutshell you have to give the potential defendant notice of impending court action. Our letter before court action template provides you with this and encourages the defendant to settle the matter before court action commences.

The Letter Before Court Action template comes in a Word document and can be altered and changed as much as you like. The document is provided on an information only basis for just £1.99 or free if part of our Full Document Access service.

Click here to visit our online shop and download the Letter Before Action Template. You can also purchase the Letter before Court Action Template its own for just £1.99 by clicking here.