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How to Get Cheaper Accountants Online

There is a myth perpetuated by most high street accountants that their service has some sort of magical touch to it that necessitates paying them significant amounts of money for something that is not really needed. We have heard of companies being told that they need to pay for an audit because they have a limited company and that this audit will cost over £1,000 on an annual basis. We have heard it said that the minimum any firm of accountants can charge is about £1,000 regardless of the size of the company because the work is the same.

Some accountants charge fixed fees and then put them up if there is more work to do or you need to speak to them on the telephone.

But how do you get cheap accountancy services and are they reliable? The answer is you visit or a similar provider and yes, the service is exactly the same. There are good firms of accountants who have been around for a long time who charge reasonable amounts for their accountancy services. They are chartered accountants but the prices they offer are reasonable and not over-inflated. They have lots of satisfied customers who provide them with repeat business as well as recommendations.

Here at we can offer you low cost, cheap accountancy services which will be of the same quality and levels of service as your existing accountant, if not better. The recent example of the cost saving per year is £1,000. A small company undertaking cleaning services in London had been quoted £1,400 plus VAT for their annual accounts submission to the HMRC and Companies House, including corporation tax returns, a bit of PAYE and VAT.
Our service for that particular company cost £350 + VAT. This was not an introductory offer. Quite a few accountancy firms will charge you one rate that will increase dramatically within a few years to compensate for the low cost in the first year. These prices are fixed for all time, only increasing if the size of your business increases. Prices do not increase if your turnover remains the same or decreases.

For details of the service please visit and click the accountancy link. Fill out our online form, tell us about yourself and your current service and one of our accountants will contact you with a price. Transferring from one accountant to the other is very easy and this is all done for you when you use our service.

Save your company substantial amounts of money – contact us today.


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