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How to find a professional SEO Service

 There are lots or different types of Search Engine Optimisation services available on the internet including submission packages such as Ineedhits, Bpath and HyperSubmit, Link Building Farms, Link Building Professionals, Article Writers and submitters, and onsite optimisers. All of these operations will talk about being essential for search engine optimisation but none of them actually give you any overall presence online or added value across the board.

Every day we get requests from overseas article submitters and link builders who, with very poor grammatical English offer us links to high ranking pages on the web in return for listings on our various websites that have high page rankings.  We also get extensive SEO article submissions to our various blogs from overseas SEO operations – these basically tell us how good our articles are and put a link in for something unrelated to our website. 

I can safely say that on all occasions we reject these as usually the requests for links are very poorly written or have no bearing at all to the work that we do, and the articles that are submitted to our blogs are usually incoherent but stuffed full of key words relevant to somebody’s website.

There is no one technique for getting websites noticed and increasing traffic, the whole SEO or search engine operation must be a job for SEO consultants who cover every angle and every base on an ongoing basis. 

Every website needs onsite web optimisation which includes looking at key words, layout, identifying hotspots on the websites that can lead to increased traffic, and link building, directory submission, article writing, and just about everything else.

If you decide to do one of these SEO techniques on its own, the chances are you may get some results for a little while but it will not sustain the organic position of your website. Similarly, with some of the techniques used, such as creating link farms – websites specifically set up to put links on to your website and other clients of that SEO company, you can find your website being penalised in future years and a situation of impossibility at getting the decision of Google or the other search engines reversed. The articles that are written for your website by some of the companies, particularly those based in Asia and South Africa, are usually such poor quality that although you may find that you pick up small bits of traffic from search engines by using the article if it is successfully submitted to push you up the charts, you will not get any click throughs from human visits in the unlikely event of the article being published.  Most of these articles appear to be sections of a dictionary copied and pasted into the article with a few links to your website thrown in for good measure. 

The website is all about providing useful information quickly to people and using this information to market paid services as well. offers small businesses outsource services on the internet and one of these is SEO and online marketing. 

Instead of the service being an automated process operated by a computer programme, or a mass creation of plagiarised articles that are meaningless, we cover every base and all for a very low fee due to our purchasing power and the structure of our model.

The service includes careful research of your site and your competitors including identification of authority sites that propel websites up the Google rankings. We create and prepare articles, press releases, directory submissions and onsite optimisation all for an inclusive price with no hidden extras and we do not tie our customers into contracts unless they require web hosting as part of the package which is included free of charge.

We are based in Chester and North Wales and have operations across the UK as well as service centres overseas in India which assist and provide our customers with the low cost solutions they require.

For further information on professional SEO services at a reasonable price, please search SEO on or e-mail us at for further details.

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