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How to Avoid Spending Money on IT Consultants

IT consultants cost a fortune.

For simple call outs to look at a server or to move a piece of equipment from one side of the office to the other the hourly rate charged can be astronomical.

It used to be the case that to run a successful business of a particular size with more than a few employees you needed to own two servers at the very least together with back up systems and data recovery strategies in place.   If anything went wrong you would need the services of an IT consultant on site and this would almost inevitably result in call out charges.

If you own a business of less than 75 employees and are still doing this, you are almost certainly spending money unnecessarily.  IT consultants are no longer needed for the vast majority of work done in a business thanks to the introduction of Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing has become the new buzz word in IT and one that a lot of IT consultants fear as it is going to remove a good chunk of their income. The aim of Cloud Computing is that your software and hardware all comes from one place via the internet and is not maintained or hosted by you in the traditional sense, thus requiring no software or hardware in order to maintain or run it. 

There have been reports recently that seventy percent of the world’s servers being manufactured at present are being purchased by Microsoft or Google in an attempt to capture a large proportion of this expanding market.

The only hardware and software a business will require in future in their offices will be the PC’s that their staff are working from together with a router. The servers together with the hardware and software operating the servers are based in warehouses somewhere in the UK, in a similar way to the warehouse operations being run by internet service providers at present.

No longer will you need to call an IT consultant out to the office unless there is something particular you require of a specialist nature, but instead you will telephone the Cloud Computing provider who will deal with the query over the telephone. 

The cost saving is astronomical. Google and Microsoft both have online calculators that will demonstrate the significant sums a business can save by using Cloud Computing and it is relatively simple to set up.

In order to make the switch and go ahead to save significant sums of money, you simply need to visit and we will set you up with the service as well as provide you with pricing and the options available to you.  There is no capital outlay in any circumstances, and the only charge you pay is an ongoing monthly payment which is a small fraction of the capital payments you will have made for the servers.

Quite a lot of people will make the switch when their servers expire or start to get old and less reliable, but it does pay for some businesses to actually make the switch immediately simply to potentially save the costs that will inevitably follow when the servers start to fail as most of them do after a period of time.

It also means that your office is freed up of space and the cost of providing the power to drive the servers which again can be a fairly large fee. 

There are no disadvantages to Cloud Computing except perhaps that if broadband is down in your offices then you will not be able to access your data, although for most companies if broadband is down it inevitably results in systems failure in any event and will almost always necessitate a reset undertaken by an IT consultant who no doubt will have great pleasure in charging you significant sums of money.

For further details please visit or e-mail for further information.

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