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How to avoid Email Marketing Scams

E-mail marketing is a phenomenally powerful marketing tool which is available at very low cost to just about every business in every area of the world.  It is very cost effective, and has good results in a whole host of different areas for a range of businesses.

There are lots of providers online who can assist you to create and manage your campaigns, handle your e-mailing, deal with any unsubscribes as well as managing your lists.   

There is a danger though that you could fall foul as some of the more unscrupulous operators who purport to manage your e-mailing lists but in fact use the e-mailing list themselves or sell it on via the web to other e-mail marketers who then get to send all your customers their own marketing materials.

When you sign up for e-mail marketing ask the provider where the data is stored and in which country. If the data is stored overseas and managed offshore you should ask them what security measures they have in place to ensure that their offshore operations do not take the lists and use them themselves.  You should also have a careful think about whether such providers of information are good for your business or whether you should in fact consider using a local provider as an alternative. is a UK based company providing outsourcing services to small and medium sized businesses including fixed fee recruitment, cloud computing, online accountancy, SEO & online marketing and many more.  One of the services is e-mailing marketing, and data is retained at all times in the UK on secure servers, which means that no third parties have access to your data and under no circumstances is the data sent overseas. For further details please e-mail or visit the website at

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