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How much money can you really save by Outsourcing?

If you do a Google search for Outsourcing you will often see adverts offering savings of ten to fifteen percent off your current costs with occasional references to twenty five percent.

These types of savings for large businesses with multi-million pound turnovers are going to be fairly substantial but for small companies it hardly seems worth all the trouble of outsourcing your back office and support work instead of having them done in-house or via traditional methods.

However for smaller businesses there is a much more effective way of outsourcing and that is to use a service like

Not only does BusinessBusStop provide outsourcing services it also provides services that are considerably cheaper than the traditional methods of undertaking work.

Take IT for example. 

Cloud Computing for smaller businesses is capable of saving substantial amounts of money over a period of time.  If you take into consideration the cost of your IT support and any maintenance contracts you may have as well as the time spent dealing with any IT maintenance issues, it is almost inevitable that Cloud Computing is going to save you substantial amounts of money.  The concept of Cloud Computing is quite simple – speak to, and we can set you up with the system via Microsoft who will host all your software and provide you with a virtual network instead of you having your own network in the office.

Whilst some businesses may be slightly sceptical about the idea of handing over control of such processes, the cost savings to a smaller sized business of less than about 50 employees are substantial. No servers, no software to maintain, no issues of down time or IT support calls if there are problems with the server. It is all handled remotely and your employees simply log in and work.  This can be done from any location which means also that employees do not necessarily need to be located in your offices. 

Similarly take accounting.  At present the vast majority of businesses pay their accountant over £1,400 a year for their services. However by using BusinessBusStop internet services for exactly the same package you can almost guarantee that you will cut this by 50%, year on year. 

Not only does BusinessBusStop provide outsourced services, it also provides you with business generation services.  For a very low one off payment followed up with a small monthly charge, BusinessBusStop will guarantee to get your website onto Page 1 of Google for keywords relating to your business. It will also guarantee to make back the money you have invested in this service within 12 months via your website or it will refund the fee in full.

BusinessBusStop can also provide outsource telesales services on a very flexible hourly rate without commission being paid, and this can be particularly useful for companies who want to launch a campaign but not have to pay hefty commission to sales teams.

BusinessBusStop is all about saving money. Not only through outsourcing but also finding the best and most cost effective solution for you and your business, yet still providing a quality service.

For further details please visit or e-mail We want your business and we want it for life.

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