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Get Paid for Documents, Templates and Precedents offers professionals the chance to make money from documents, precedents and ebooks you may have on your computer.

Whether you are a solicitor with a collection of precedent letters, draft contracts and agreements, a surveyor with a collection of report layouts, an IT contractor with a range of contractual agreements or tender documents, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with extensive course materials, we can offer you the chance to earn commission on your documents. We can also purchase the templates and documents from you.

With every document earning up to £150 per sale (minimum payment is £1) our scheme can be very profitable without you doing anything other than emailing your files to us. We do the rest.

Payments are made monthly via Paypal straight to you and we keep you updated with the number of people viewing and buying your products. is a one-stop shop for business documents and downloads. Based in the UK, the site offers instant downloads for businesses and individuals at a fraction of the cost paid to law firms and other professionals.

Sign up today by emailing us at and tell us what documents you have.

We are happy to sign a confidentiality undertaking before accepting your files and all discussions are strictly confidential.

A quick way to earn money without lifting a finger other than to email us your files.