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Debt Recovery – How to Avoid it in the First Place

Debt Recovery is a constant thorn in the side of just about every business. You provide a service, all is well and then 6 weeks later there is no money in the bank despite the bill being extremely large.

How do you go about preserving your money and avoiding such difficulties? Firstly you sign up for an account with We can provide full business checks on all companies as well as individuals for as little as £10. This will give you the reassurance that the person you are going to be dealing with and providing services to is able to pay.

Secondly you make sure you have robust credit control procedures. Never let an invoice go longer than a few weeks over the payment period, and respond very swiftly to any non-payments regardless of how reliable a client they are, as well as their size. Some of the worst defaulters on debts and as a result the cause of extensive insolvency are large business and government bodies. The techniques for dealing with such companies are the same as smaller businesses.

Also remember to sign up with to recover the debt as soon as you think there are any problems. This not only gives you peace of mind that an external professional company is handling your debt for you, but also takes any dealings with your customer away from you and makes it easier for you to hopefully deal with them again in the future once they have paid and remain solvent. For further details on the Debt Recovery services Business Bus Stop can provide you and your business visit

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