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Are Recruitment Agencies a Rip Off?

The above statement is obvious. You have a vacancy, you telephone a recruitment agency, they send you a candidate, you interview them and employ them and the recruitment agency requires many thousands of pounds for doing hardly any work. 

Recruitment consultants themselves joke that this is a classic example of money for old rope that surpasses estate agency for how little work is required to generate money and how easy it would be for the employer to do the work themselves.

There is a rule of thumb in relation to how easy it is to make money and that is how persistent a salesman is in pushing a product to you. 

A very persistent recruitment consultant who phones you continually, insists on a face to face meeting and provides you with lots of information that you didn’t necessarily require is usually one on an extremely high commission trying to justify the twenty five percent fee his company is about to charge you for providing you with two pieces of paper and making three telephone calls.

At Business Bus we recognise this and offer recruitment agency services without the agency part.  You pay us a one off fee and we find you candidates.  If we do not find you any candidates you do not pay the fee. Simple, but effective and different to a recruitment agency specifically due to the fact that the fee charged is usually a saving of about 85%. 

There is clearly still a requirement for recruitment agencies to handle specialist positions, but it is still cheaper to use our services even if thinking of advertising directly – thanks to our unique guarantee you have nothing to lose.

For further details for any field including architecture, accountancy, legal, IT, sales, management, industry, engineering, marketing, rec to rec, teaching, service positions at all levels and in any other area where permanent recruitment is required (this service is not suitable for temporary positions of less than three months) please visit

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