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Ever wondered if there was another solution to having secretaries or typists in your office and paying the salaries and overheads? Yes, there is. Business Bus Stop offers transcription & typing outsourcing with a bank of UK based native English speaking secretaries – offering full digital and analogue audio transcription, typing and transcribing services worldwide.

We can provide audio, video and online transcription & typing (including MP3, .DSS and .WAV digital files & recordings) to a range of industries, professions, companies and organisations including solicitors, architects, surveyors, universities, market research companies, government departments, charities, sole traders, SME‘s, large multi-national corporations and plc‘s, conference companies, professionals, students, private individuals and local authorities.

We work for companies and organizations based in the UK, mainland Europe and worldwide, and have the capacity to process large orders. Our transcribers are based in the UK, and we do not outsource work to India or South Africa. Our transcribers are mostly experienced secretaries, whether legally, medically or business trained, and some are educated to degree level and higher.

What we can do

We can transcribe from all audio & digital files, whether WAV, WMA, DSS or MP3 (plus a host of other formats), CD or DVD, Standard Cassettes, Mini and Micro Cassettes and Video (VHS).

The types of work we cover include

Business documentation Radio and TV Group Interviews
Conference transcription Recorded Video link meetings Interviews with clients
General audio dictation Speeches and Presentations Legal dictation
Disciplinary Hearings Radio Plays & Recordings Market Research Interviews
General correspondence Dramatic Productions Medical dictation
Lectures and other academic work Translation work Meetings
Focus Groups University Research Interviews Police Station interviews
YouTube videos Video Religious meetings
Speeches and Presentations Business administration Telephone Response recordings
Study Interviews Court proceedings Webcasts
Teleconference Recordings Customer Service Calls Covert Recordings
Dissertations Employment Tribunal proceedings Podcasts

To request a quotation please fill out the form below or email us your requirements to

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