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Debt Recovery

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Commercial Debt Recovery – Fixed Fee Services:

  1. Debt up to £5,000 – Fee £150 or 12.5%
  2. Debt £5,000-£15,000 – Fee £350 or 12.5%
  3. Debt £15,000 upwards – Fee £450 or 12.5%

One of the key problems for business is Cash Flow. Cash keeps businesses afloat, and without it you fail.

It is not your fault if a debtor does not pay you on time, and very often businesses are all too wary of incurring legal costs, losing clients and customers and spending considerable time chasing something that may not be there.

Businesses tend to be very nervous about the whole thing, and although it is easy for large multinational corporations to sell their outstanding invoices to debt collection companies and realize their cash quickly, smaller companies have to wait until they have been through the court procedures or come to a settlement to obtain cashflow. can assist you. We offer a full debt recovery service ranging from credit checks on your customers before you do business (a little late for your existing debt of course), taking over your credit control department and running this externally, operating your cash collection services, taking the matter further to court, obtaining judgement on your behalf and enforcing the judgement.

We support and guide you throughout the process. We do not employ people to go and bang on doors to get your money – it rarely if ever works for commercial debtors. We use the legal system to its maximum extent – whether by publicly serving a statutory demand on managing directors of companies (with a high level of embarrassment), proceeding through court and obtaining a charging order on the business owner’s house, or applying for access to a commercial debtor’s bank account.

We know all the tricks and all the various techniques for getting reluctant debtors to pay up before their business folds. If you have multiple debts to pursue, let us know as we can set up a service agreement for you, rather than charging per debt. Please note that we are specialist commercial debt recovery agents and do not handle consumer matters.

Uniquely, in some circumstances we will look to purchase your debt from you. This has to be commercial debt, and the chances of success have to be good. The advantages of this for you would be ease of mind, no risk of legal fees, and an unexpected boost to your cashflow. You get cash up front, we get your debt to enforce.

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